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CMA Buffalo President Dr. Gloria Roetzer Speaks to Catholic MOMs Group


The Niagara Falls Catholic Moms Group met on Saturday May 20th at the St. Leo’s Ministry Center Dining Room on Military Road in Niagara Falls. The speaker was pediatrician and CMA Buffalo President Dr. Gloria Roetzer. Dr. Roetzer grew up in a family of 13 children and now cares for large families at her practice, Trinity Pediatrics.


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 St. Luke, Patron of Physicians

Most charming and saintly Physician, you were animated by the heavenly Spirit of love. In faithfully detailing the humanity of Jesus, you also showed his divinity and his genuine compassion for all human beings. Inspire our physicians with your professionalism and with the divine compassion for their patients. Enable them to cure the ills of both body and spirit that afflict so many in our day. Amen.


Members - Active or Retired Doctors, Dentists, and Medical Residents/Fellows

Associate Members - Nurses, Allied Health Professionals, Clergy, Religious, Seminarians, and anyone interested in integrating Catholic principles in health care.


Medicine and Faith

Just as God is the Author and Creator of our Faith, He is also Author and Creator of Life. As stated in John Paul II's encyclical letter Faith and Reason, "there can never be a true divergence between faith and reason." Similarly we should not expect a contradiction between being a good physician and being a good Catholic. Good medical care for a patient is always in harmony with Catholic medical ethics. Different ethical dilemmas in medicine today must be illuminated with the light of Faith. The Catholic Faith is truly a help in the practice of medicine.